Friday, March 14, 2014


13th January 2014, my husband Paul goes with me for my last pre-natal check up at 36 weeks. I tell my gynae my latest experiences. The last week I felt like the baby has moved down ready for his upcoming birth which I thought that should happen at this time.

She sends me for an EFm (a machine used for electronic fetal monitoring ). Over 60 minutes later I come back with results. She tells me I had two and a half contractions which I never even felt. She tells me its possible I might come back sooner than the booked date of the 25th January for delivery.

We go back home but first we go do some shopping. On the way I keep feeling what I felt while on the EFMmachine. On our way back home this sensation starts getting closer one after the other. Now I'm convinced these are contractions.

We get home. I have not even packed my hospital bag. I start packing while Paul cooks something for us to eat. We are not in a rush. I eat as well. We then drive back to hospital at almost 11pm. When we arrive my gynae is called in. The nursing staff prepare me for ICU.

I get ushered into ICU. Instead of the cold ICU atmosphere I walk into a Godly-saturated environment which I will explain in the following blog post.

The anesthetist gets me ready for my caesar then my gynaecologist starts operating on me. At 23:45 I see my baby is taken out of mummy's womb screaming "Why? Why? Why?" (that's what it sounded  like. LOL!). I hear my husband saying: "Wow! It's a boy!" (As if he didn't know.) My gynae brings  the baby to my face for me to see him before she gives him to the pediatrician.

Wow! God ordained every baby's birth. At 36weeks when my gynae had booked a C-section for me for the 24th of January 2013 at 37weeks and 6days my son was crowning and already pushing out. Olerato Hopola Reaoboka Nthoba was due on the 8th of February 2013 but God brought him into our lives on the 13th of January 2013 weighing 2,61kg and 49cm tall. God's time is always perfect.

                                                       Thanks be to God!

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