Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I think raising a baby is a spiritual battle 24/7. Think about it, most things babies suffer from are unknown or assumed. Take colic for example. They say its build up of gas believed to be caused by formula. My friend Lebo exclusively bottle-fed her son Nan formula for 6months and he had no colic. Some people exclusively breastfeed and still baby gets colic and they blame diet. Then they can't say which foods are causing the gas. Oh no, most healthy foods like potatoes, beans, cauliflower, wheat, etc are the suspects in the mom's diet.

Then they tell you it will pass after 3months.

With some, colic is not internal or food-affected. It is the environment. I mean, what makes a baby scream unconsolably for hours? Is that not spiritual?

Here's our an, a baby who never cries nor screams who all of a sudden gets stomach cramps and cries at every instant of passing gas. If it's a long one he fusses a bit and cries till it passes. Doctor called it colic (calling things that are not).

When we read what is colic, they say its crying 3hours, 3following days for 3months. We've never seen that. But then we took doctor's prescription just to soothe him with Telament drops and Bascupen. Now because hubby and I  refused to accept colic, our starts spitting up through his nose and starts screaming till his nose clears of the burning milk.

When I research what that is I find out about gastric reflux. What is suspected to cause it? Feeding again. They say it "could" be lactose(cowmilk) intolerance. Now really? If babies food is milk only till 6months what should they eat? They say if baby is breastfed mummy must cut off dairy products. If baby is on formula, bay must be given lactose-free formula.

Another treatment, prevention or management of baby spitting up is making him sleep on his tummy but only if you are near him. Otherwise try elevating his head. We opted for the elevation because since he's grown up (1month old) Ole refuses to sleep on his tummy. Between last night and this morning, at 1month and 4days, baby rolled off the elevated mini mattress and onto his face. By grace he is not a cry baby but can cry out for help without really screaming.

We never put him to sleep without burping ever. We even know the 3 ways of burping and he now prefers one where he sits up. He holds his burp the same way he used to swallow his spit up until lately.

I suspected my milk(diet) and the chronic medication I take. The doctor says its not my milk. Hubby and I then decided to take the bull by its horns through prayer and fasting according to Mark 29 and James 5 on Saturday. I also stopped the medication and cut off bread which is what I eat mostly. I am now eating more vegetables and fruit.

Spiritual battle? Baby gets born 2weeks earlier. We thank God he was fully developed despite him having to stay 3days longer. Mom has no milk yet so baby is fed formula. Baby gets used to being filled by formula even after breast milk.
Formula neh? With all their warnings that protect the manufacturer than the newborn consumer.

Raising a baby is a spiritual battle. Think about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). It should be called Spiritual Infant Death Syndrome because its cause is unknown.

In conclusion we decided to not give what we see in our baby any names but pray God's will and intervention over them. Because then we are giving life to bones that should not be awakened. It is just baby growing and not used to farting. God said: "Speak things that are not, as though they are.

This note was written 6months ago. Today our son turned 7months and that which the doctor called colic stopped when we changed his milk to S26. There was no more cramps, no more crying. Just a happy growing baby.(And only posted 19 months later. Today he is 24months old).